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Author Archives: Ariesphysiocare

Clean Needle Technique for Acupuncture

Clean Needle Technique

Infection Control – Practitioner’s Hygiene

Physical cleanliness includes not only adequate hand washing but also includes such things as wearing clean clothes (i.e. lab coat), long hair tied back, and nails being kept clean and short. Cuts/abrasions should be covered by and band-aid and/or glove. Do not work with an upper respiratory condition.

Knee Surgeries

Know More About Different Types Of Knee Surgeries

Our knee area is something that mostly develops some sort of issue as we get older. With aging, you may get joint pain in your knees that harms the structures and may require Knee surgeries. Or then again, you might be exceptionally dynamic in sports and have damaged tendons or ligaments that may require Knee surgeries.

Cervical Traction: The Best Way to Heal a Sore Neck

Traction is a centuries old treatment that has been administered by chiropractors for healing conditions like a sore neck or a sore back. Alternately, traction therapy may be used for decompressing any of the ailing joints.

Who Can Use Traction Therapy

Traction may broadly be seen as application of continuous force to stretch the spine. It is also very often used and is highly effective for treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, i.e. injuries that are not externally visible, but involve muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons, nerves, bones or the supporting structures. For muscular disorders, including muscle spasms, dislocation or for fracture, traction therapy can be very useful, and is often applied for arms, legs, back or neck.

Ergonomic Executive Chair Recommendations for Your Bad Back

Do you work in the office? Protect your back with ergonomic executive chair.

The long hours spent in office on a regular chair may not be conducive for your back. If you are experiencing cramps or aches in the back after you get up from your chair then it is time to switch to an ergonomic executive chair.

These chairs are scientifically developed to adapt as per the natural body structure and provide adequate support to the natural body contours. When we sit on any regular chair we don’t realize that we inadvertently end up straining our spine.