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The Pain Region May Not Be The Problem Area

The kinetic chain theory.

The Pain Region May Not Be The Problem Area As The concept of the kinetic chain came about in the year 1875. A mechanical engineer named Franz Reuleaux stated that if a series of overlapping segments were connected via joints, these interlocking joints would create a system that would allow the movement of one joint to affect the movement of another joint within the kinetic link.

It is usually assumed that having knee pain is because of a problem with the knee joint. This may not always be true. The kinetic chain theory can explain how an injury to one part of the body can lead to pain or discomfort in another part. Knee pain can be due to a knee condition or a pinched nerve in your lower back.

How The Spine Can Cause Knee Pain

The nerves that give the sensation of pain to the lower body are found in the lower back. Sometimes because of a bulge in the discs located between the vertebrae, these transmitting nerves are pressed upon. A pinched or pressed nerve sends out pain signals in distress. The magnitude of the pain depends on how much the bulge press’s the nerve.

The second, third, and fourth vertebral discs lie in the lower back area, which is responsible for sending signals to the knee. A disc bulge in the lower back causes lower back pain and also can lead to knee pain, proving the kinetic chain theory accurate.

Arthritis can also lead to a compression on the nerves in the spine. When the second, third, or fourth vertebral discs suffer from arthritis there may be immense knee pain caused. These conditions can lead to many symptoms apart from knee pain;

• Pain in the front of the thighs
• Numbness or tingling in the thigh and leg region
• Weakness in your hips
• Muscle weakness in the affected area/s

Knee pain and lower back pain can cause lots of discomforts and pose as a hindrance to your everyday life, so pain management becomes necessary. Here are some ways that can help you reduce your pain:

1. Physiotherapy

The most common way to reduce knee pain, as well as lower back pain, is physiotherapy. It’s a therapy where you learn to regain your normal mobility slowly through certainly prescribed exercise. It is the most reliable method to get rid of back pain.

2. Acupuncture 

This is a method that has slowly become popular over the years. They target pressure and pain points, and this helps decrease the pain on an overall basis. You can consult your doctor before getting an acupuncture treatment.

3. Proper diet

Yes, diet does have an impact on the degree of the pain you’re facing. So, it’s important to have a proper diet plan for yourself, preferably with fewer carbs. Also, eat more anti-inflammatory herbs and food such as lemon, garlic, parsley, etc.

4. Posture training

The most important thing is to keep in mind your posture. You can take all sorts of treatment and therapy, but if you don’t improve your posture, then your pain will have a chance of coming back, maybe it won’t leave in the first place. So, concentrate on getting your body posture right.

It is highly recommended that you get yourself checked by a credited doctor if you experience any kind of a pain in your bones or joints, as it has a chance of becoming worse not right now, but in your later years, which can pose huge problems for you.