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Secrets to Ease Back Pain

Do you want to know the most powerful secrets to ease back pain?

Unfortunately, most of us will experience back problems at some point in our life. If you are lucky, your problems will be temporary and you will quickly be back to normal.

However. for a large number of us, these small back problems eventually turn into mild and even extreme chronic back pain. It becomes a permanent part of our lives, and really can make everything else a challenge. If you are like me (And I’m guessing that you are), you have likely tried a complete range of treatment options seeking the most powerful secrets to ease your back pain.

Well, in this article I will tell you about the secrets that allowed me to finally break free of my back problems and get back to enjoying life.

#1) Get a total body assessment

Most people assume that because they have a sore back, it must be due to an injured muscle or tendon in their back. This is not always the case. You need to remember that your body is complete and inter-connected system of muscles and tissues. Contact a recognized back expert such as an osteopathic or massage therapist who is trained to look at the body as whole unit.

This health expert will take you through a comprehensive body assessment that looks at how your body is working. For me, I had debilitating lower back pain that would literally take my breath away. Well it turns out that my back pain was caused by tight hamstrings and a pelvis that was out of balance. This was compounded by weak stabilizer muscles. After a structured and focused exercise program that targeted my weak points, my back eased and my pain quite literally disappeared over night.

#2) Be open to non-traditional therapies

Traditional medicine treatment for your back pain will likely have sent you to your family doctor who prescribed some pain medicine and sent you on your way. If you are lucky, you may have been referred to an expert in managing and treating back pain and received some physiotherapy or chiropractic treatment.

This therapy may have eased your backache temporarily but as soon as you stopped these expensive treatment options, your backache came back. This is when it is time to look outside of the box, time to turn to health professionals such as an osteopath. A good osteopathic will help you with treating your pain but give you the tools to live a pain-free life.

#3) Give yourself time

Yes, that is right – give yourself time.

You did not end up with debilitating back pain overnight. Likely this pain came on bit by bit over a period of time. The same logic holds for easing your back pain. You cannot expect to heal overnight or to be over you back pain with one or two changes. You need to give yourself time to heal. This means that there will be days that you do not push yourself, rather you take the time to rest and to let your back recover. With a slow and strategic approach, your back problems will slowly but surely be eased – leaving you feeling pain-free and stronger in the long run.

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