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Discover the pinnacle of care with Aries PhysioCare’s expert physiotherapy services at home. Our dedicated team of skilled physiotherapists is committed to optimizing your recovery and well-being. Experience personalized care that caters to your unique needs, all within the comfort of your home. Trust Aries PhysioCare for professional, convenient, and effective physiotherapy solutions.

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Aries PhysioCare is a Pioneer in Bringing Personalised and Professional Expert Home Physiotherapy Services In INDIA To Allow Quick And Convenient Recovery.

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Around the 1st of May, I suffered a terrible accident that caused me a slip disk. I was in terrible pain until the 8th of May. I started physiotherapy under Dr Lizandra Fernandez and I have felt better; After just 4 sessions the pain completely stopped and I've been on my way to recovery ever since. I would rate her services a 5/5 And would definitely recommend.


On 1st June 2018, I had a Paralytic Stroke on my right side. My right hand and leg were totally paralysed. After 8 days of hospitalization in Nanavati Hospital. Doctors suggested taking physiotherapy treatment. I started physiotherapy treatment under Dr Lizandra Fernandez. Due to their high calibre professional treatment, now my right hand and leg are almost recovered. I can walk easily and can eat and do all work with my right hand. I am extremely grateful to her.

Harishankar Pandey

Good efforts are taken by Dr Jyoti Sharma.
Regarding the benefits of physiotherapy to him, symptoms of his disease (DMD) has stopped worsening his health and he's in good health but needs more improvement so that he recovers soon with your support.

Darsh Mehta


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